HRM(人的資源管理)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY422 [渡英368日] 2021年5月27日(木):ようやく春が来た,Army of the Dead,原稿執筆(3)




 夜は,ザック・スナイダー(Zack Snyder)監督の『Army of the dead』を鑑賞。ロスのゾンビ地帯の中にあるビルの地下金庫にあるお金の強奪を目指して潜入するお話。はたして仮にお金を上手く回収することが出来てもヘリコプターに乗ることができる重量なのだろうか。全員生き残った場合,お金を搭載すると重さで飛ばないような気がする。それともそもそもの計画で何名か死ぬことを前提に計画されているのだろうか。真田広之が出ているけど,すっかり海外の俳優になった感じがした。



 The temperature has finally reached 19 degrees Celsius and the flowers on the trees in the garden have started to bloom. It has been so cold that I have had to wear a down jacket on some days.

  I'm still working on my paper. When I am writing in English, I find that I am using unnecessary expressions in Japanese. On the other hand, I don't understand a few phrases, and of course, I can't write as smoothly as I can in Japanese.

 When my son comes home from primary school, he plays tennis in front of my house, and he seems to be doing better than before. However, according to his school teacher, he was upset and lacked energy. Maybe it's because his best friend is back home temporarily.

 In the evening, we watched "Army of the dead" directed by Zack Snyder. The story is about the people who infiltrate the underground vault of a building in the middle of a zombie zone in Los Angeles in order to steal money. Even if they manage to retrieve the money, will they be heavy enough to get on a helicopter? If they all survive, the weight of the money on board might make it impossible to fly. Or is the whole plan based on the assumption that some of us will die? Director Zack Steiner's films such as "Dawn of the Dead", "300" and "Watchmen" are so stylish that you can't get tired of watching them, but they are also characterized by their rather desperate (bad) endings. This film is in the same vein.