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DAY341 [渡英316日] 2021年3月7日(日):ルパン三世カリオストロの城,The AnchorのSunday Roast


 そうこうしているうちに昼食にThe AnchorのSunday Roastを頼んでいたので妻が取りに行く。過去の記録を見てもThe AnchorのSunday Roastは初。正確には妻は頼んだことがあるものの,私は初めて。→The Anchor のサイト




The Anchor のSunday Roast(1人前)£15


 My son got up at 5:30 am, past and went to me before 6:00 am, so I had to finish my work. In the morning, I read books and studied for my son. When we played tennis in front of our house, my son's best friend went by on the way to go to the park. Then we went to the park; however, we couldn't find them, and my son had cried when he went home.
 While my son crying, my wife carried out the take away from the Anchor. This time we ordered the Sunday Roast. Though I checked my past articles, it was the first time to order The Anchor's Sunday Roast.

 However, it felt like a sirloin steak when I actually saw it, unlike what I expected. It feels like the roasted one again. The amount is quite large. It may be too much for women.

After lunch, watch "Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro", directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is difficult for my son to explain the concept of a "good thief" and explain the scene in which Zenigata and Lupine collaborated on the way, such as "Why the police and the thief help each other?" Also, in the English version, the subtitles and lines do not match for some reason, and there are times when I was in trouble.

 I correct and submit the treatise during my wife playing with my son. I added to properly describe the goodness of fit for confirmatory factor analysis results according to the instruction.