HRM(人的資源管理論)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY333 [渡英308日] 2021年2月27日(土):庭の木の剪定,親族とskype,腰痛

 5時に起床して論文を修正。査読コメントをディフェンスをするのに頭を捻る。息子が起床後,午前中に息子の親友のお母さんからメールがあり,妻と息子が11時に親友と遊ぶために公園に向かう。私はその間に論文の修正と昼ご飯の準備。帰宅後,息子の誕生日祝いに本,"What's Hidden in the Sea?"をくれた。3色のカラーフィルムで見ると,絵の構図が変わるというもので,息子も大喜び。息子のおかげで知り合いが増えたし,息子の気遣ってくれる人もできて有難い限り。








 I got up at 5 o'clock and emended the treatise. It took time to defend our treatise from the peer reviewer's comments. After my son got up, my wife received an email from his best friend's mother in the morning, and my wife and son went to the park to play with their best friend around 11 am. During that time, I revised the treatise and prepared lunch. My son's best friend's mother gave him a book to celebrate my son's birthday. My son was delighted that the picture changed when we saw it using a three-colour film. Thanks to my son, I have more acquaintances, and I am grateful that I have someone who cares for my son.


 I made a Skype conversation with my father after lunch. I didn't use Skype for a long time, but I learned that it also had a screen sharing function like Zoom and Teams. After confirming the certificate relations, we talked about each other's recent situation. Since the weather was fine, after playing tennis with my family in front of my house, I pruned the garden trees. This tree bears yellow flowers, and a large number of bees come around May, so the branches are thinned out now. Since the soil is clayey, the ladder's legs dig into the ground, not stable.

 I don't know if it was tennis, pruning in an unreasonable posture, or when I took my son out of the bathtub while taking a bath, but my low back suddenly hurt, and I could hardly move after eating. I crawled to bed and slept earlier than my son.