HRM(人的資源管理)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY305 [渡英281日] 2021年1月30日(土): 忙しい,でも暇な週末。

 朝からレゴを組み立てたり,Google earthを見て日本のお家や今のお家,世界各地をみて遊ぶ。それから画用紙で色々なメカを書いて戦いごっこをする。午後は実写版の『Space Battleship ヤマト』を途中まで鑑賞し,NETFLIXの『Transsformers』を観る。ちなみに息子には,『Transformers』は,月1話更新と伝えているので,1か月ぶりの鑑賞で大興奮であった。



 I got up at 5:00 am, because of being tired. It has been raining today( sometimes sleet), so we couldn't go out. There were so many things(tasks), but I couldn't do anything because we have to play with my son. We built the lego models, watching google earth to see our house in the UK and Japan, and famous places. Then we drew battleships and attacked each other. In the afternoon, we watched "The space battleship Yamato" for 1 hour, and "Transformers" on Netflix. We told my son this TV programme would upload for a month, so he was excited.

 In addition to the lockdown, the rain caused us to feel the obstruction. Since the meals(food) are different from Japan, sometimes we want to have Asian food. Today, I made mapo tofu, and it tasted good.