HRM(人的資源管理論)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY204 [渡英182日] 2020年10月21日(水)Waddesdon manor再び

 夕方の運転を練習するために,16:00(18時頃にはだいぶ暗い)からレッスンを予約し,再びWaddesdon manorへ。Bicester Villageの交差点を除けば,スムーズに行けたように思う。この時間になるとWoodstock roadは渋滞する。子供の帰宅時間と重なるからとのこと。


・national road 1車線は制限速度60マイル,2車線は70マイル


Waddesdon manorの近くのホテルと庭園




 To practise driving at evening, I booked the lesson from 16:00 and went to Waddesdon manor again.  Except for the intersection at Bicester Village, I think I was able to go smoothly.
 Until the lesson, it had time to do various tasks. It may have been a while since I was able to work leisurely.

・Do did not stop the intersection so that cars can turn.
・There are two steps about turning right at Bicester Village; we enter the backside.

・ One lane on national road is 60 miles, and two lanes is 70 miles.
・ Keep the map and route name in mind