HRM(人的資源管理論)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY203 [渡英181日] 2020年10月20日(火)refreshers courseでBlenheim Palace,parent meeting

 今日はrefreshers courseにてBlenheim Paleceに行ってみる。時間的には車で20分程度なので遠くはないが,途中のroundaboutが一カ所トリッキーなところがあり注意が必要。何回か往復して練習。





 Today, I went to Blenheim Palace as a refreshers course. It only took about 20 minutes by car, not so far, but on the way, there was a difficult roundabout, where I had to pay attention to. I practised the place many times.

 After going home, we had a meeting with the teacher of my son via Microsoft team. Though it was only ten minutes to talk, there was a gap between the appointment and the information by 2 minutes. It was no problem for us, but 5 people will be delay 10 minutes, that means one meeting time.
 When the team meeting starts, it was not easy to hear whether the teacher is connecting two PCs or howling, but it is possible to know who the son is on good terms with and whether he is eating lunch properly.