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DAY202 [渡英180日] 2020年10月19日(月)refreshers courseでWaddesdon manorへ

 車の講習も6日目。今日は片道40分かけてWaddesdon manorに行く。来週家族と来訪予約をしているからだが,いくつかのraoundaboutがある&長距離の高速ということもあり挑戦。途中変則的なroundaboutがあり戸惑ったが,何とか到着。風光明媚な土地であったが,もう一度行けるだろうか。





 There was on the 6th days of the refreshers course. I went to the Waddesdon manor by car for 40 minutes in one way.

 We will plan to go there next week, and I think a practice needs to go. On the way to the place, there were some roundabouts, but I managed to arrive. It was a scenic land, but I wonder can we go again?

 Since my son went directly to the park from primary school, it took time to go back home. After going home, he had a tantrum because he wanted to watch a TV programme.