HRM(人的資源管理論)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY162 [渡英141日] 2020年9月9日(水)息子の学校本格スタート→year 4でCOVID発生


 しかし,夕方になると学校からyear 4でCOVIDが発生したという一報が入り,リスク分散のために分けていたクラスを1つ閉鎖するという。当然,関係者や家族も自主隔離になるのだが,兄弟姉妹がいる場合,前後の学年に飛び火して学校がクラスターになる可能性がある。そうなると先に述べた束の間の自由はまたなくなってしまう。帰宅後,Harry Potter and the half Blood of Princeを鑑賞(途中まで)。



 Sekiguchi, T. (2013). Theoretical implications from the case of performance-based human resource management practices in Japan: management fashion, institutionalization and strategic human resource management perspectives. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(3), 471-486.






 It was the day that the primary school of my son started in earnest. A full-scale start for six hours from nine am to three pm. For five months, from the end of March to today, we couldn't do our job during the day time because of childcare but finally released. After we send my son to primary school, we each worked hard. Because he is absent at home, we can go outside for lunch, but to save time, we eat at home. Anyway we can concentrate on the job! I really feel happy to spend time to do my job. I realized how valuable daily life (going school and working hard)is.

 When we pick up my son at 3 pm, I asked him about the first day of school life. Apparently, he did hide-and-seek with 3 children in the school yard. He seemed to be able to go to toilet with an assistant teacher. I think the first day was reasonably well.


 However, in the evening primary school informed us that at the year-4, there confirmed COVID-19 and one of the class will close to avoid the clyster. Certainly, the self-isolation and quarantine will required for whom related like family and teacher, but if there are a sister or a brother in the year-4, it has a possibility to spread the COVID-19 to the other year grade. Then, the things I mentioned above will disappear again.
After returning home, watch the Harry Potter and the half Blood of Prince (halfway).