HRM(人的資源管理論)研究者の Oxford 滞在記(2020-2022)


DAY154 [渡英133日] 2020年9月1日(火)OUNC face to face, manma-mia


 この会で招かれたのは息子を含めて我々3人と,ご主人が哲学のテニュアを取ったご夫婦,ホストの夫妻,OUNCのメンバー1名であった。コミュニティも対面なのか,オンラインで継続実施かで意見が割れているらしく,今回はface to face 推進派の集まりだった模様。話題は,テニスの話題やこれからのOUNCの在り方,Lockdown中の過ごし方についてオンラインでのbridgeについて盛り上がっていた。ホストのご夫婦は,息子が飽きないように玩具の車を4台出してきてくれたり,マトリョーシカ人形を見せてくれたりしてくれた。あらかじめ庭で遊べる何かを持ってきた方がよいということでテニスラケットを持参(息子は,27日に会ったもう一人のゲストとテニスがしたかったようだ)。



 帰宅後は,気が張っていたのか疲れたので,Deliverooで注文。途中,sony bankのカードが上手く機能しなかった。そういえば午前中は妻のsony bankのカードが上手く使えなかったという。何か障害でもあったのだろうか。いずれにせよ別のカードで決済。今回は前から気になっていたJerichoのmanma-miaでピザを注文。値段も適当で美味しかった。しかし,注文を待つ間に息子は就寝。




 In the morning, I played football with my son at the park. After we groomed the lawn of our garden, we visited the house where OUNC invited us in the evening. It took 20 minutes to walk from our house, and we entered the garden. It was so impressive that the garden was beautifully maintained. I wonder if a contractor maintained the garden, but the husband did under the wife's supervision. There are few dandelions on the lawn, and apple branches are well-bent and formed. There ware a total of 8 people at the tea party, our family, a couple her husband took tenure of philosophy, a host couple, and a member of OUNC.


 It seemed that the community was divided into two groups; one was face to face; the other was keeping online conversation. Maybe the tea party we participated was a face to face group. There was a lot of talk about the topic of tennis, the future of OUNC, how to spend during Lockdown, and the online bridge. The couple of host brought four cars and a matryosika doll for my son, not to tired of the party. Because I heard it was better to bring something toys in advance, we brought tennis rakecets (my son wanted to play teniss with another guest he met 27th Aug).

 After coming home, I found that the son of host couple was a famous strategy teacher (even though he had both the original work and the Japanese translation!). It was 6pm in no time, so I went home thinking about my son's meal.

 We felt tired, so I ordered Deliveroo. On the processing, my sony bank didn't work well. In the morning, my wife's sony card didn't use. Was there an accident? Anyway, I changed the card to pay. This time, we ordered mamma-mia Jericho, which we ware interested in. The price was reasonable and delicious. However, my son went to bed while waiting for the order.